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Ursula A. Golladay, is a founding school Assistant Principal at Edward M. Felegy Elementary School.  With fifteen years as an elementary school music teacher and 3 years as an assistant principal, Ursula Golladay brings a wealth of knowledge about educating the whole child through music and arts integration. Ursula Golladay has earned her Bachelor of Science in Choral/Vocal & General Music from the University of Maryland, College Park and her Masters in Educational Leadership from Hood College with endorsements for Administration I & II. 

As an educational leader, Ursula has focused on nurturing an instructional program that values learning as a process wherein there will be trials and errors, and that together with peers, teachers, and family every student is expected to explore his or her own sense of self while developing tools to reflect and seek healthy independence.  Under 

Ursula's leadership, Title I students have gained an understanding of their “whole” self through an arts integrated approach. This approach has provided a foundation for individual development that ultimately undeniably has benefited society and individual citizenship.  Mrs Golladay has brought this vision to fruition through grants and co-written/awarded in studies such as Japanese Arts & Music and the study of African American History.

Twenty-first century education embodies an approach to teaching and learning that positively supports schools as communities where all students can learn at high levels because of students’ differences.  Under Mrs. Golladay's care, her school is a place that nurtures growth in all members of the community and has taken her current school's volunteerism from 2 or 3 parent volunteers to 45 volunteers.  She has provided nights for fingerprinting and worked hard to find ways to  involve parents in their children's education. To Mrs. Golladay, effort is rewarded with self-confidence and commitment and is held with the highest regard. Ms. Golladay encourages diversity in her field and in her teachers, having studied and taught in Japan and several places in the diverse Washington DC area.  

Ursula excels in setting up school structure and management having co-chaired the MCPS Scheduling Committee and presented documents to the Labor Management Committee.  She has also managed the Montgomery County Public Schools(MCPS) Middle School Honors Choruses.  In addition to management, Ursula is passionate about developing curriculum and co-written the MCPS Curriculum 2.0 Enduring Understandings for General Music.  Rounding out her goals Ursula Golladay currently serves on the Board of Trustees for Feynman School in Bethesda, Maryland a school for children gifted in Science and Math.  

On the weekends, you'll find Ursula singing as the lead soprano in a local choir and spending time with her husband and two children which are her heart.  Her family keeps her focused on what's important in every part of her life - family and developing children into kind people who contribute globally to the world around us.

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Ursula A. Golladay's Resume


May 2009 Hood College, Frederick, MD; Masters in Educational Leadership
1998   University of Maryland, College Park, MD; Bachelor of Science; General Music/Choral-Vocal; Music Pre K – 12 Teaching Certification


Maryland Advanced Professional Certificate: Music Pre-K – 12Administrator I and II endorsements

Work History

2014-Present Assistant Principal, Edward M. Felegy Elementary School, PGCPS1999-2014 General Music Teacher /Choral Director, Oakland Terrace Elementary School, MCPS


To promote success for teaching and learning with students and school community members by cultivating and supporting a culture of high expectations for the school and community.

Teaching and Learning 

  • Cofounder & developer of a vision of learning for arts integration 
  • Provided instructional leadership for arts integration and PGCPS curriculum alignment with common core standards. 
  • Provided instructional leadership to align Pre-Kindergarten Frogstreet assessment with the Kindergarten curriculum demands. 
  • Provided purposeful observation and support to teachers in grades Headstart (New Start) - Grade 5.
  • Built the capacity of ESOL, Arts and General Educators to collaborate in various models of co-teaching.
  • Strengthened standards based goals on all Individualized Education Program for students K-5
  • Developed an approach to parent communication to create and maintain a positive culture centered on a partnership between parents, community and school.
  • Provided training to new teachers on Framework for Teaching.
  • Provided training to new teachers on Arts Integration.
  • Mentored teachers to develop a Student leaders program.


  • Collaborated on the development of a Master schedule which maximized both teaching and learning.
  • Developed, implemented and monitored a duty schedule for schedule for all staff 
  • Provided administrative support to all special education teachers and staff members
  • Provided tactful conflict resolution to staff and teachers
  • Ensured and maintained substitute coverage for teachers and staff throughout the building on a daily basis for both employee absence and IEP meeting coverage.
  • Collaboratively analyzed school-wide behavior management system.
  • Interviewed numerous potential staff members. 
  • Created, monitored and maintained daily/weekly/monthly staff meeting calendars for faculty and staff collaboration.
  • Created, monitored and maintained daily/weekly/monthly calendars for the use of technology.
  • Created, monitored and maintained daily/weekly/monthly calendars for IEP meetings.

Collaboration with Stakeholders

  • Worked with Human Resources and the Office of Fingerprinting to coordinated the recruitment of over 150 new parent and family volunteers.
  • Collaborated with family members in a culturally sensitive environment to ensure a safe and effective learning environment dedicated to increasing student achievement.
  • Collaborated with Hyattsville Community Events Director to mobilize community resources.
  • Demonstrated fairness, mutal respect and high standards when working with students and staff and exercising courtesy and discretion in dealing with highly sensitive personnel matters.

Professional Growth

  • Sought engaging professional growth through webinars.
  • Successful completed Assistant Principal Induction Program year 1 & 2.
  • Trained in AESOP, Oracle, Performance Matters, MyPPS.

Leadership in the Political, Social, Legal and Cultural Context

  • Worked with PGCPS Legal Counsel on matters regarding personnel issues (ADA)
  • Attended and actively participated in Hyattsville Community Forum Meetings. 
  • Feynman School Board of Trustees Member (2009-present)
  • Coordinated a school-wide Walk for the Homeless event in both Oakland Terrace Elementary and Sligo Middle School, raising funding and community awareness for Housing Unlimited, Inc. a Maryland NonProfits’ Seal of Excellence winner.