Darren A. Clay

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Darren has been serving students from diverse backgrounds since August of 2011. Darren has enjoyed serving in multiple educational leadership roles at the K-12 and collegiate levels.  In his current role, he has been highly involved with technology integration efforts as a Technology Assistant Principal at a Microsoft Showcase School.  Darren has led personalized learning efforts and launched 1:1 device initiatives.  In addition, Darren facilitates the technology integration processes between teacher and student within Office 365 environments.  During the 2015 school year, Darren co-hosted the largest school-led Microsoft Redefining Learning Conference in U.S. history.  He enjoys collaborating with showcase schools throughout the globe and continues to deliver job-embedded technology support to school leaders.  As a regional technology team lead, Darren helps to drive technology innovation in over 20 schools.  Darren currently holds advanced degrees in Instructional Technology and Educational Leadership.  As a current doctoral student at the University of Georgia, he studies technology integration in urban school settings.  Darren is globally recognized as a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, Microsoft Certified Educator and Microsoft Office Specialist.  Most recently, he collaborated with Microsoft application product managers in Beijing.  His ultimate role is to give stakeholders an adequate opportunity to succeed with proven educational practices within 21st century learning environments.

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Darren's Resume

Darren Athony Clay

Email: DarrenAClay@gmail.com

Contact Number – 404-644-1870

Website: DarrenClay.com

Summary:  My educational philosophy is grounded in the premise that all children have the same inherit potential and it is my responsibility as an educator to nurture, cultivate, and harvest those developing seeds. My role as an instructional leader is to give students, parents, teachers, and stakeholders an adequate opportunity to succeed with proven educational practices within 21st century learning environments.


Education & Credentials

  • Educational Doctorate Degree Candidate, University of Georgia, August 2015- December 2018 (expected)
  • Educational Specialist Degree, Valdosta State University, May 2015-Instructional Technology major- 4.00 GPA
  • Educational Specialist Degree - Georgia College & State University,December 2014 - Educational Leadership major – 4.00 GPA
  • Master of Education Degree - Georgia State University, December, 2011 -Education major - 4.10 GPA
  • Bachelor of Science Degree – Georgia State University, May, 2010 -Education major - 4.04 GPA Summa Cum Laude


Professional Experience

Assistant Principal, Bear Creek Middle School (Microsoft Showcase School), July 2015-Present

  • Supported and developed leadership capacity for 8th Grade Teachers
  • Led professional learning community collaboration meetings
  • Effectively managed 1:1 device initiative approximately 1,100 students
  • Developed and organized a 1:1 device deployment model
  • Utilized and analyzed technology integration matrix results to differentiate professional development for 70 teachers-Microsoft Blog feature
  • Developed and organized first school-led redefining learning conference in U.S. history
  • Gathered and analyzed data to develop a personalized learning instructional model, professional development plan, and communications plan.
  • Managed school-wide technology
  • Established a personalized learning site team to support technology-enriched learning environments
  • Created a virtual hub for professional development-http://www.bearcreekpd.com/personalized-learning.html

Dean of Students, Langston Hughes High School, August 2014- June 2015

  • Supported and developed leadership capacity for 9th Grade Teachers
  • Managed and developed interventions for 9th Grade Discipline (approximately 600 students)- Decreased discipline referrals by 32% between September-November
  • Managed school-wide attendance systems and procedures- Decreased attendance referrals by 27% between September-December
  • Provided effective instructional support that led to 24% increase in 9th grade students qualifying for the honor roll
  • Conducted walkthroughs and facilitated lesson feedback sessions with teachers (targeted areas of growth)
  • Established and led School Culture Committee to structure PBIS initiatives
  • Facilitated Saturday School intervention program
  • Gathered and analyzed data for Professional Learning Community meeting facilitation
  • Developed and assisted in the implementation Title I plans
  • Led and designed peer teaching observation program using TKES data
  • Managed and organized school-wide transitions during arrival, between classes, and during dismissal.

Elementary Teacher, A. Philip Randolph Elementary School, August 2011-May 2014.

  • Selected as 2012-2013 Teacher of the Year
  • Served as the Special Areas Department Head and School Leadership team
  • Led and facilitated professional development series on Instructional Technology
  • Severed as Outreach and Communications Chairman for the School Governance Council
  • Served on Superintendent’s Teacher Advisory Council

Adjunct Professor, Atlanta Metropolitan State College, February 2012 to present.

  • Taught and built and web-based courses using the University System of Georgia’s learning management systems (Desire2Learn, Bright Space, and Blackboard)
  • Led and facilitated professional development workshops for college faculty members
  • Effectively utilized research-based, instructional technology standards to engage learners and meet institutional objectives


Speaking Engagements

Presenter, Building Our Future Conference, Fulton County Schools, July 2016

Presenter, National ASCD Conference (on behalf of Microsoft), April 2016 Topic: Leveraging Technology to Transform Teaching and Learning

Presenter, Ed Elements Instructional Technology Training, April 2016

Conference Host, Bear Creek Redefining Learning Conference, March 2016 Successfully hosted the first, school-led RLC in U.S. History-1,100 attendees, 130 presenters

Presenter, Redefining Learning Conference, Bellevue School District, March 2016

Presenter, District Principal’s Meeting, Fulton County Schools, November 2015

Presenter, District Assistant Principal’s Meeting, Fulton County Schools, December 2015

Presenter, Adult Learning Consortium, University System of GA, Summer 2013

Recent Feature: http://dailyedventures.com/index.php/2016/04/06/darren-clay/


Leadership Roles

Fulton County Instructional Technology Team Administrator, September 2015-Present

  • Served as an Assistant Principal on District Technology Team

Aspiring Leadership Program Intern (1 out 10 teachers selected in the school district), Fulton County Schools, June 2014-June 2015

  • Performed district-wide program evaluation to measure the effectiveness and role current School Tech Specialist model
  • Collaborated with Gartner Consulting group to evaluate and determine next steps needed to drive change

School District Virtual Coach (1 of 30 teachers selected in the school district), Fulton County Schools, November 2014- May 2015

  • Worked with FCS talent department to assist new teachers within virtual learning modules

School District Teacher Selector, Fulton County Schools, February 2014-May 2014

  • Worked with FCS talent department to pre-screen teachers as a component of the teacher selector hiring process

Assessment Leadership Cohort, FCS South Learning Community, November 2014- Present

  • Attended trainings and re-delivered formative assessment strategies to teachers 2013-15 Health & Physical Education GACE Test Development Committee, Educational Testing Service
  • Collaborated with Education Testing Service to develop test questions for GACE assessment Personalized Learning Steering Committee, FCS, February 2015-Present
  • Appointed by Deputy Superintendent as a school leader representative


Community Service

Boy Scouts of America Venture Crew Leader #1981, 2011-present (2014-2015 Venture Crew Leader of the Year; 2012-13 Venture Crew of the Year)

Guide Right Director, Kappa Leadership Development League, 2011 to present (2014 Southeastern Province Guide Right Director of the Year)

Life Member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated

2012 Kappa Man of the Year, College Park (GA) Alumni Chapter, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.



 Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, Microsoft

Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainer
, Microsoft

Microsoft Certified Educator, Microsoft

Microsoft Office Specialist- OneNote

Instructional Technology, Services, SRS-6, Georgia Professional Standards Commission

Educational Leadership, PRL-6, Tier II, Georgia Professional Standards Commission